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The sensual loving touch

Tantra massage

Surrealistische hibiscusbloem

Lomi lomi massage

Loving self-rediscovery

Massage with gemstones

the power of nature

Hand Massage

Healing hands you can trust

Relaxation massage


My name is Anna.

It's been a long road to get to where I am today.

I swam through choppy waters and climbed out of deep valleys on a personal and professional level. I also reached a lot of beautiful highlights. I needed this bumpy road to find myself.

And that's how I discovered my passion and mission. A real late bloomer!

Most of my life I was a very sensitive, insecure and extremely shy person. My father's demise to his alcohol problem probably compounded this. Often I felt completely out of place in this hectic world. 

As an escape, I married my childhood sweetheart. Three beautiful children followed. Over the years we lost track of each other as a couple. Our marriage recently ended.

In the meantime, things went professionally with 'ups and downs'. The combination of paramedical work and family became too much after 20 years. A long-term burnout and dismissal were the result.
Several new jobs in various sectors followed. 


Meanwhile I was looking for a way to come to myself. Along the way I met wonderful people who inspired me to develop my passion. I am so thankful that I was able to turn my passion into my job.

My goal is to help others discover the beauty and love within themselves through my warm loving hands and my gentle heart. You are very welcome with me for a tender touch and a moment of rest.  I want to give you the feeling that you can be there and that you are 'enough'. I want to be the difference, the light, the warmth, the attention and the affection.

So my name, for people who know me,  deserves an extension.

I found a bit more 'my true self'.

I give you some of my time and it's your moment!




Tao everyday - Life is beautiful - 2012-2023

Cosmetic massage - Syntra - 2017

Chinese head, shoulder and neck massage - Syntra - 2017

Meridian Chi Kung - Conscious movement

Wellness employee - Zen Your Life 2017 - 2021

Sensual tantra massage - Tantrananda - 2022

Burlesque - Dance4motion - 2022-2023

Lomi lomi - Vida Vital - 2023

Ecstatic Dance Hall - 2022

Spiritual hygiene - WOW - 2023

CPR and defibrillation - Red Cross Flanders - 2023

Inner Tao Alchemy - Conscious Movement - 2023

Tango & tantra - Tantra Atma - 2024


My practice is located in a quiet neighborhood with parking in front of the door.

All massages are performed in my atmospheric space with adapted music and fragrances with burning candles and dimmed light.

Everything is nice and warm: the oils, massage table, futon and towels.

Shower option.

You can pay in cash or with the bank app.

Men and women welcome +18!

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Sensual tantra massage

The most complete massage where spirituality, sensuality and love come together.

Image by Viva Luna Studios

Massage with gemstones

Holistic energetic massage

similar to hot stone massage

with extra depth from the heated gemstones and crystals

Foot massage

Lomi lomi massage

Traditional Hawain massage.

Transformatif with a sjamanic touch.

It's a blissful experience.

Pouring massage oil

Swedish relaxation massage

This is a firm classic manual massage with repetitive stroking and kneading movements.

It relaxes the muscles, lowers blood pressure, promotes blood circulation and immunity.

Ultimate relaxation guaranteed.

Healing Stones

Massage with gemstones

This medicinal massage has a relaxing and purifying effect through the energetic vibration of the gemstones used.

Energy blockages are removed by the action on the chakras.

When & why?

  • to reduce stress

  • cultivate more energy

  • more creativity

  • more focus

  • experience more peace and relaxation

  • for emotional complaints such as fear and sadness


An intake interview to gauge the recipient's intentions.

The body is first rubbed and manually massaged with warm neural oil.

The entire body is then massaged with the selected warm stones.

This selection is based on the needs of the recipient and according to the intuition of the giver.

Afterwards you will have extra time to recover with a hot tea.

For whom?

  • children

  • adults

  • pregnant women


The power of nature

Surrealistische hibiscusbloem

Lomi lomi massage

loving self-rediscovery

This Polynesian traditional massage has its origins in Hawaii. It is a holistic, spiritual massage form with a shamanic background. It is a rhythmic dance with flowing and long movements like water waves. Ceremonial acts are performed with healing music and lots of warm oil. The combination of energetic body work, physical touch, movement and sound ensures the connection of body, mind and soul.

This deep tissue and transformative massage form can be a start to the tantra massage.


> releasing deep blockages

> harmonious relaxation

> emotional stability

> activation of the self-healing capacity

> restoration of unity within yourself and between yourself and your environment

> supple body

> higher vitality

Tantra massage 

The sensual loving touch

What is a tantra massage

A tantra massage is a loving touch full of attention and presence. Based on Tibetan Buddhism.

It is given from the heart with the hands and body-to-body which means that it is given with love. 

To trust




What is the goal

Activating and allowing life energy to flow freely, with attention paid to control over sexual energy. 

Activation of the chakras.

It opens your senses and expands your consciousness.

A different view on intimacy and sensuality.

Discover your own self and experience pure bliss.

What is the result

Tantra makes you more energetic, flowing, relaxed and loving.

Tantra is healing for the body, heart and mind.

You learn your (sexual) energy  to check.

This can result in a total body orgasm.

You learn to enjoy yourself, your body, your (sexual) energy and life!

Tantra massage

The sensual loving touch


An intake interview to gauge your expectations and to indicate both our boundaries.

A meditation, breathing and contact moment.

A manual and body to body massage including erogenous zones.

The giver and taker are both undressed on the futon.


Come as you Are.

Feel what your body needs.

Let yourself go.

You may touch the giver lovingly in response.

The massage is pure and aimless.

I recommend a 2-hour session, especially for a first booking.


A tanrata massage is purposeless and therefore not performance-oriented.

We are not working towards a climax.

Covetousness is avoided.

Sexual acts such as oral and intimate contact are not permitted.

20230101_193845_0000 (1).png


Swedish relaxation massage

Massage with gemstones

Lomi lomi massage

Sensual tantra massage



















*sociaal tarief op aanvraag

Terms and Conditions

Out of respect for us and the other customers, the following agreements apply:


  • Please take a shower before coming. If necessary you can take one here.

  • Be on time, not too early but certainly not too late.

  • You can cancel an appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before the massage by text or telephone.

  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the massage, we charge 50%.

  • If you cancel less than 2 hours before the start, you pay 100%, to be paid by bank transfer.

  • If you arrive too late, you will lose that time of the massage, but you will pay for the full massage.

  • If you do not show up for the appointment or if you are more than 15 minutes late without warning, you will lose the possibility to receive a massage with us.


Booking a massage means that you agree to the above conditions.



I want to thank you for the wonderful session. I still feel the effects of it. I am grateful to you for living this intense experience. You have a very special gift!


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A Me Time massages


Anna Stoop

Vogelstraat 31

1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

Easily accessible:

by car (Brussels ring RO exit 16)

public transport (De Lijn R70, Zuun cemetery stop)


📞 0478265690



Small business without vat

Opening hours:

ma & Fri: 10 am to 9 pm

Tue - Wed - Thu:  10 am to 6 pm

Sat: 10 am to 4 pm


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